About Us

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Established to Facilitate Futures Trading Activities in Indonesia

Kliring Komoditi Indonesia is a financial institution established to facilitate futures trading activities in Indonesia by means of risk withdrawal for failure to fulfill transaction settlement obligations between parties - resulting in a smoother and safer trading ecosystem, and at the creation of a more liquid market.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Rustam Sofyan Sirait

President Director

Muhamad Saly Putra


Jaricho Naftaly


Board of Commissioners

Sandy Susanto

President Commissioner



Foanoita Zai


Our Vision

To become the best digital technology-based Clearing House Company in Indonesia

Our Mission

  • Become the best Futures Clearing House through the use of qualified Human Resources and technology
  • Providing high standard guarantee and settlement infrastructure to support transactions in the field of Commodity Futures Trading.
  • To become a source of reference, knowledge and information for the general public regarding both commodity futures trading and commodity physical market trading in Indonesia