In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected financial world, clearing houses have become indispensable mediators. They ensure the smooth conduct of transactions between buyers and sellers, going beyond mere intermediation.

Functions of Clearing Houses

Clearing houses play a crucial role in facilitating transactions, including:

  • Verifying the financial capability of both parties, ensuring they can legally enter the transaction.
  • Providing an equal playing field for negotiations, including the determination of price, quality, quantity, and contract maturity.
  • Ensuring the delivery of the correct goods in terms of both quantity and quality, eliminating the need for complaints or arbitration post-transaction.

Clearing Houses in Traditional Financial Markets

In traditional financial markets, clearing houses, well-known and trusted entities, ensure that parties in a trade can fulfil their commitments. By acting as a neutral intermediary between buyers and sellers, clearing houses significantly mitigate counterparty risk in trading.

Clearing Houses in the Crypto Era

Clearing houses are an integral part of our global economy, but they have yet to find widespread adoption in the crypto space. This leads to a highly fragmented market where participants and service providers face various risks. Introducing independent, regulatory-approved clearing houses for crypto transactions could provide an additional layer of security and market depth, encouraging better acceptance among regulators and institutional traders.


the vital role of clearing houses in financial markets transforms them by offering guarantees and security in financial transactions, facilitating smooth trading, and enabling a more liquid market. Both in traditional and crypto markets, clearing houses act as gatekeepers, ensuring both the integrity and fairness of transactions.

In Indonesia, the operation of clearing houses for crypto assets has been authorized by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti), with PT Kliring Komoditi Indonesia (KKI) as an example. Through the decision of the Head of Bappebti Number 02/BAPPEBTI/SP-LKBAK/12/23, PT Kliring Komoditi Indonesia (KKI) has been approved as a Guarantee and Settlement Institution for Physical Market Trading of Crypto Assets.